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Investigated of ampC in Carbapenem Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria Isolated from Burned Patients


Background: Gram-Negative bacteria are the most cause of nosocomial infection especially in burned patients. Carbapenem resistant strains can limit seriously the choice of antibiotic therapy. AmpC can make resistance to carbapenem and detection of that can be useful for identification ofcarbapenem resistant. The aim of this study was identification of ampC in most prevalent cause of nosocomial infection.Methods: boronic acid combined with meropenem in combination disc method was used for phenotypic method and PCR was used for molecular identification of ampC.Results: Fifty one strains showed positive results in phenotypic method but 119 strains were harbored ampC gene. Combination disc method with meropenem and boronic acid showed 34.4% sensitivity and 78.5% specificity according to the results of this study.Conclusions: the results of this study were indicated the more prevalent of ampC in carbapenem resistant Gram-Negative bacteria. On the other hand use of boronic acid combined with meropenem showed low sensitivity for detection of ampC.

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